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Turkish Tv series Release Date After Second Earthquake in Turkey

When will Turkish Tv dramas release after second earthquake?

Turkish Tv series

Turkish Tv series have become great entertainment for people worldwide, especially in Pakistan. The last time when ertugrul is released in Pakistan, it had become so famous that ertugrul had broken its own record.

It was watched in Pakistan by about 50 Million people in just 7 days and broke the record for Pakistani own dramas. When ertugrul was released in Pakistan, it was a corona pandemic and people were in their homes.

The specific drama is also a family watch, Turkish Tv drama, so all families watch it together.

Many Other Turkish Tv series After Ertugrul

After ertugrul, many other Turkish tv dramas get fam from Pakistan and especially Kurulus Osman, The Great Seljuks, Alp Arsalan, and many other Turkish tv series.

The people who loved watching historical and Turkish tv dramas now have a habit of watching every historical tv series. So they are waiting desperately for every Turkish series to release and watch.

Earth Quack in Turkey

Turkey has suffered a lot from the earth quacks in the last month. The earlier earthquake suffered about 44000 lives and more than that are suffering.

All the world is helping turkey and Syria recover after this tough time, and we as Pakistani are with them.

To help turkey after the great shocks, The entertainment TV channels decided not to release any Turkish tv dramas and help the victims of turkey.

Mehmet Bozdag the producer of Kurulus Osman and many other famous Turkish tv dramas decided right after the earthquake in turkey not to release any episodes for one week.

Second Earthquake In Turkey last Monday

After the first shock of the earthquake, turkey was a bit of recovered Entertainment Tv channels decided to release the Turkish tv series this week, but right after releasing the Turkish tv series turkey got another shock of the second earthquake.

And this news shocked Turkey and the world again because many lives went, and more buildings were destroyed.

But the people who are desperately waiting for Turkish tv dramas to release are also shocked and saddened for not releasing their favorite tv dramas this week.

As Many Tv channels decided to release the tv series this week, but this great shock delayed all Turkish tv series further.

When will the Turkish Tv series be Released after the Second earthquake?

Well, the Turkish tv dramas will be released possibly in the upcoming week, it’s not official news, but some sources from turkey news channels indicate that there will be no tv series for the upcoming week too.

So, the tv series may be released after the upcoming week. Keep your nerves for some time and be patient.

Meanwhile, please pray for turkey and May Allah help them recover soon, also we should pray that Turks should not repeat the mistakes on which they have felt the earthquakes.

May Allah keep them in peace, and we pray that they should recover soon.

Which Turkish Tv dramas are Most watched Nowadays?

If you ask me this question I will definitely answer about Islamic and historical tv series but as I mentioned earlier in my posts, you can go there from the link below.

Or I can tell you about some more interesting Turkish tv series that are Islamic or historical, but you can watch them.

One of the most Tv series is shahmaran, I don’t know about it, but you can watch its trailer on YouTube, also you can watch the whole Tv series on puhutv.

The following tv series is magnificent in the century, it has a touch of history but not talked about Islam so much so.

One of the most-watched tv series in the past month was the circle drama, I don’t know about it either, so go watch the trailer on YouTube and if you liked it then go and watch it on many websites with subtitles.


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