Top 5 Mobile Video Editing Apps to Create Stunning Videos 2023

The best 5 Mobile Video editing Apps You should keep in your phone

Top 5 Best Mobile video editing Apps 2023

Well, this is the era of digital not everyone but more than 70 percent of younger make montages for games, make videos for TikTok, and make YouTube short videos and any other live social applications. Let me show you some good 5 Mobile video editing Apps.

There is competition between everyone to make and edit videos with good quality.

Today, everyone wants to make short videos on premiere pro, After effects even Final Cut Pro to make and edit good videos. But, you don’t need such big software programs. You can make, Create and edit videos on your smartphone easily and beautifully.

For it, I have brought up some good editing apps for you

The most important thing in these apps is there should be no watermark, which creates a big problem for you.

NOTE: I will provide links for all apps having unblocked features.

Mobile Video Editing Apps Below

1. VN Video Editor

It is 111 MB in size, it is light as compared to other video editing apps which are 500 MB to 1 GB.

It is a fully pledged video editing app and looks much like adobe premier pro. And also provide many features like multi-layer editing.

More importantly, it helps in editing different individual layers along with music editor, audio recording, sharing projects, adding music, and many good things too. I really like this app and yes in these apps you can edit in FHD, export in FHD, and also you can upload in 1080P after exporting.

Many apps just provide HD 720p but all of these 5 best apps will allow you to edit in 1080p and export with no issue and after it, you can re-upload with no watermark



It is a very simple editor, you can edit in full HD and of just 89 Mb. You can export in FHD (1080) without any issues.

As I said, it is a simple video editor you can add transitions which is more important, and it has many filters which can be used for free, But some apps are paid, so you have to pay one time to use it for a lifetime.

Overall, all of these apps are free, but some filters are paid for. Another thing about VITA is that it has cool pre-made different Creative fonts which you can use easily.

In fact, there are animated fonts too, so if you are using a lot of text then do try this too.

3. V L L O

This is another one that really packs a punch, and again It’s got really a good interface, probably easier to use and more intuitive than the VN video editor in terms of features and controls is perhaps the next level from that as well, so this one again will work on both android and iOS. So if you are someone who has multiple devices across platforms, then you can use both of them and know that you can learn and master one app VLLO really stands out for me is with some advanced features, like their adjustment layer where you can adjust layers and add effects and things, and it’s going to apply to all the clips that are underneath that adjustment layer.

Now, this is something that you would only normally see in professional desktop editing software programs, so it is awesome that you are to experience it on a mobile phone.

4. Kine Master

This one is really a more advanced app than any other editing app out there on android right now. It has got a very good interface, which may b not be easy to navigate, but once you learned to use it you are going to rock the videos with your editing.

This one has also got the most amount of features, and most amounts of the pro tools are in there. They give you access to a number of audio features audio tools like EQ presets, audio ducking, and key farmable audio control to really dial in your audio levels throughout your video and there is decent control over the color and the look and feel of your video as well, but I will probably prefer adjustment tool which has over in VN video editor and VLLO over what they are giving you in kine master.

Well, most of its features are paid, but I will provide you a link where you can download it with all unblocked features.

Mobile video editing Apps.

5. Video maker for YouTube

If you want to create some bigger videos, especially on YouTube. It is 40 Mb in size and an in one easy-to-use app, and it has more than 30 transitions. Also, it supports different YouTube aspect ratios such as 18:9, and 16:9.

So if you want to be a good YouTuber and wanted to make short videos, this app is for you.



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