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Mendirman Jalaloddin khwarzam Shah Season 2

Mendirman Jalaloddin khwarzam shah Mengobardi

Mendirman Jalaloddin season 2, The Khwarzam Shah Empire is releasing soon and the first episode of the second season of khwarzam shah will be aired on 15th January.

Mendirman jalaloddin tv series’ first season was released in 2021, but then it was stopped due to its low rating, I do not know why it was a low rating tv series.

Jalaloddin Tv series is one of the best tv series in all over the world and was the favorite of many people.

It is the Turkish – Uzbek joint series released in the Uzbek language, Also has its first release in Uzbekistan, and after full premiering in Uzbekistan, it releases in turkey.

When Mendirman Jaloliddin, season 2 is releasing

Mendirman Jalaloddin season 2 is releasing on 15th January with its first episode in Uzbekistan. It will be available here and also on many other websites in English and Urdu subtitles.

You also watch more web tv series in FHD with English and Urdu Subtitles and that too free of cost, Mendirman Jalaloddin will also be available here with English and Urdu subtitles in FHD.

Review of Mendirman Jalaloddin season1

In Mendirman Jalaloddin season 2 season 1 Mendirman Jalaloddin himself got into many battles with Mongols and defeated them hard.

Mongols also sent kutlu bike as a spy to Mendirman Jalaloddin’s house and threatened her with his brother. And if she doesn’t send any news about them, then they will hurt her brother.

Due to this frightening, she sent much news about Mendirman Jalaloddin mangobardi and Mongols hurt him very well. Mendirman Jalaloddin had two mothers, and he is only 1 and is having two other brothers from another mother.

There was jealousy between these brothers, but his third brother from another mother sided with jalaloddin while the other brother rebelled against Jalaloddin and wanted the throne.

But jalaloddin repelled him while he was also have connections with Mongols just for some FAM and to take the throne after his father.

Characters of Mendirman Jalaloddin season 2

Emre Kivilcim plays the role of Jalaloddin mango Bardi, Javohir Zakirov as Cengiz Han and Kaan Yalçin as Alâeddin Muhammed, Gülenay Kalkan played the role of  Türkan Hatun

Sezgin Erdemir played the role of Timur Malik as a Commander of the Army of the Khwarzam shah Empire.

Ra’no Shodieva played the role of  Ayçiçek Hatun and is the mother of Jalaloddin. Also, Yulduz Rajabova played the role of kutlu bike and was the lover of jalaloddin.

What is Mendirman Jalaloddin, season 2 Tv series About

Mendirman Jalaloddin’s season 2 tv series is about khwarzam shah empire, and it was the only empire that defeated Mongols in their own places.

Mongols ruled the south and the Khwarzam shah empire ruled over the rest of the world, the west. Khwarzam shah empire was before the Seljuk empire but was a tremendous and long empire.

After the death of jalaloddin, khwarzam shah empire also lost many places and the empire kept defeating and falling, but in this tv series, the only era of jalaloddin is shown.

Final Word

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