Make Money With Affiliate Marketing Without Promoting ???

In affiliate marketing, we usually choose the product We promote it, and whenever someone buys the product we get a commission

But what if I told you Without promotion, without waiting for someone to buy, you can still get a commission

How do?

This is what we will see in this article, keep watching

Well friends without wasting time The idea is simply based on two steps


Step Number One: Choose a Special Affiliate Program, It is based on the second-order model

What is the second degree model in affiliate marketing?

Let’s see

For example, we have this service

If you scroll down here to the referral program here Join the referral program And by the way, all the services that I am going to show you today are valid services of Millions of views per month So that you are happy to join them And they’re also great for beginners because they don’t need approval

So here we are on the affiliate program page, if you go down You will see that you will earn a recurring commission of 40% for every sale you make or for every customer

But if you come here earn a 5% commission from the second tier each time you refer an Affiliate who will promote the service So the affiliate marketing model is the second degree It is a program that allows you to promote the service to affiliate marketers

You will be paid when the Affiliate promotes the service, So only affiliate marketers can be promoted

They will promote it for you, and you can make money Think about it, it’s awesome



Another service is pure VPN

One of the best VPN servers around the world

 if you go down here You will see they have a second level affiliate marketing model

Where you can double your commission earnings Or simply let your affiliate marketers promote the product for you


The third service is a2 hosting

They have a second-tier commission Where you can earn five dollars for each user earned by the affiliate marketer that you market to So you are not promoting anything here, you are promoting the commission program

And now you will see the second step, how can we do this

Best way to promote affiliate program to affiliate marketers

Just be patient with me

A few minutes and you’ll understand the idea Also, you can go to here

“for merchants” Then “Modify Search” Click  for the second-degree program then search

Now, the site will give you all the programs that have a second-class program inside them

You can choose any product you want In the field in which you work Whatever you want, join the program

Then you can start promoting the commission program itself. Hope you get the idea, It’s a really cool idea if you think about it

So now we choose the product

Like in you can get the commission link here Copy it, the same method in Pure or whatever service you are using

This is an example now

Now we have the commission link, We need to get Affiliates to join using our affiliate link

How do?

What is the best way to promote this model

Simply using three methods, Three strategies

Number one is to use the schedule of commission programs I explained this in a full course on how to create this tool, this Affiliate Program Table

You can see Developed this tool


Where people can see the different commission programs in this table to join them So I can help them find commission programs So you can see service, earnings, website category, cookie duration, and so on

You can see here is in this table So if someone clicks on this link You can see this link is a short link that I can follow

It’s my affiliate link

So if the Affiliate joins using my link and starts promoting, I will start earning commissions based on his promotion

That’s it

You just need to register and start promoting And I will get a commission on the second-tier model, So the first method I think is one of the best ways is using a schedule of affiliate programs to promote affiliate marketers


Then the other way, the second way is to create reviews of commission programs on your blog

For example, here I wrote a review of the canvas referral program

Now, Canva is not a second-tier affiliate program

This is just to give you an example So You can see how I got $500 with this program So I share and explain the commission program And you can see all these links, the green links

All these are auto-generated commission links on my website

So anyone, any affiliate marketer who joins via this link and starts promoting, I will earn a second tier commission

The third method is using forums

Affiliate Marketing Forums As an example in our forum, we have the affiliate marketing section, and  you Can talk about affiliate programs, reviews and share your affiliate links And by the way, do not forget in our forum if you reach the tenth level

You will earn $1000 at the end of this year So we only have three months left So hurry up if you want to join us in our forum and earn a thousand dollars Or maybe get a free guest post or free ads You can join our forum today And you will get a gift in the fifth and tenth level

We also have other affiliate forums like afflict

I think, yes afflict

We also have STM. Forums

To find affiliate forums and start reviews if you want If you don’t have a blog or if you don’t want to create a blog for yourself But I encourage you to do so This is very important if you want to promote anything Affiliate marketing or whatever you want is to have a blog And you can create it for free using blogger



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