Kurlus Osman Actress Bala Hatun New Pictures Clinched people Hearts


Râbi’a bala hatun was the wife of Ottoman Sultan Osman I. She was the daughter of the famous Sheikh Edebali and the mother of Alaeddin Pasha of the Ottoman Empire. Her identity is being frequently confused with the mother of Orhan Bey, Malhun (from wikipedia)


In the Kurulus Osman television series, it appears that Bala is a gentle-hearted and kind hatun, who followed the religion Islam. It seems as though she was similar in real life too as far as we know, however, not many traits of Bala, or even Osman in history.

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Many would compare Bala to Halime, the wife of Ertugrul Ghazi, but actually, they are quite a lot different from each other. It’s clear that Bala hatun was better at controlling her emotions and containing her anger, but she is prone to heartbreak.

Bala was brought up by a Sheikh, meaning that she was a very knowledgeable lady. She is clever, but not cunning. However, despite being so compassionate and soft, Bala certainly knew how to swing her sword! Bala is a stern fighter, who fights for justice if needed.

Bala  has a strong sense of justice, and believes in the truth only.

Her New pictures Got attention on the social media though she is not having her personal  social accounts.

[su_youtube url=”” width=”640″ autoplay=”yes” title=”BALA HATUN NEW PICTURES THAT WILL CLINCH YOUR HEART”]

Bala  is played by Ozge Torer. She made her debut on 20th November 2019, which was the first episode of Kurulus Osman. Since then, she has appeared in most episodes. She plays a significant role in this show, as she is the wife of Osman Ghazi.

Her Gorgeous Pictures..


rabia bala hatun
bala hatun” /> rabia hatun

rabia bala hatun


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