Cambridge Guide to IELTS (Ebook and Audio)

Get the Official Cambridge Guide for IELTS (Ebook and CD)

Get the Official Cambridge Guide for IELTS (Ebook and CD)

The Official Cambridge Guide To IELTS (Ebook + Audio) is one of the main books for IELTS groundwork for Academic and General Training.

The book is distributed by Cambridge University to help IELTS candidates to get ready for the IELTS test.

This book has all materials which is needed for them to expert the IELTS and get band 7 – 8.

Elements Of The Official Cambridge Guide To IELTS

In this book, you will discover all that is needed for the effective finishing of the assessment.

The Official Cambridge Guide to IELTS is essentially worried about the construction of the IELTS test.

This book is your own manual for IELTS as training tests have been composed by the IELTS test master scholars at Cambridge University.

The book is isolated into two sections:

Parts of the initial segment

In the initial segment of this manual, you will find out about each part of the test, just as get important hints for defeating errands of various kinds.

Undertakings are picked, so you get to know each kind of inquiry and work on your abilities.

There is an outline of the equation of IELTS test, at that point, there are four segments managing the four sections.

However, Every ability is displayed in a different unit with the great deal of tips and deceives identified with this part.

Notwithstanding hypothetical material, the book contains an enormous number of reasonable activities for the arrangement of specific abilities for the test.


Test tips for each activity type in the test practice area.

Test deals with any consequences of all the composing assignments in the test practice segment. Peruse these after you have composed your own reply.

Recording Scripts

There are recording scripts for the Context tuning in every unit and for the Test work on listening undertakings.

Try not to take a gander at the content until after you have addressed the inquiries. It is a smart thought to pay attention to the recording again while you read the content.

The Entry test

You can do this test prior to utilizing the book to assist you with picking what to contemplate.

Answer the inquiries and actually take a look at your replies in the Key (toward the finish of this book) after that. The Key lets you know which units are generally significant for you.

Discussing Cambridge sentence structure for IELTS, which is planned fundamentally for understudies who need to work on their insight into punctuation for the IELTS test.

The book is one of the authority’s Cambridge readiness materials for IELTS and was distributed by Cambridge University Press.

As you most likely are aware, there is no different syntactic part in the test, yet information on linguistic designs and rules is checked all through the test.

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