Cambridge IELTS Grammar Book With Answer Keys + Audio & Tests

Cambridge IELTS Grammar Book with answers

Cambridge IELTS Grammar Book with answers – audio file & test

Download Cambridge IELTS Grammar Book with answer keys Here in PDF + Audio and with a Free Entry test.

Discussing Cambridge sentence structure for IELTS, which is planned fundamentally for understudies who need to work on their insight into punctuation for the IELTS test.

The book is one of the authority’s Cambridge readiness materials for IELTS and was distributed by Cambridge University Press.

The book was composed by Diana Hopkins and Pauline Cullen, who are two of the best IELTS guides all throughout the planet.

As you most likely are aware, there is no different syntactic part in the test, yet information on linguistic designs and rules is checked all through the test.


Parts of Cambridge IELTS Grammar  Book

In this book, you will track down certain linguistic standards that will help you in the test, just as reasonable activities for preparing these guidelines.

Likewise, among the reasonable activities, you will discover tasks(assignments) from various pieces of the test: Writing, Reading, and Listening.

1. Book Units

The book contains 25 units and every unit comes in four sections:

A. Setting tuning in

This presents the language of the unit in a setting that is pertinent to the IELTS test.

Such things will assist you with understanding the language all the more effectively when you concentrate on segments. It likewise gives you valuable listening practice.

Pay attention to the recording and answer the inquiries then, at that point, check your replies in the Key before you read the Grammar segment.

B. Punctuation

Peruse this segment before you do, the punctuation works out.

For every language point, there are clarifications with models, and you can allude back to this segment when you are doing the activities.

C. Punctuation works out

You can compose your responses to each activity and afterward, actually take a look at them in the Key.

D. Test practice

Every unit has a test task that will assist you with rehearsing the various pieces of the test.

The test task is trailed by a sentence structure center errand, which gives you additional training in punctuation from the unit.


2. The Key

The Key contains:

Deals with any consequences of every one of the activities to really look at your replies toward the finish of each activity. The Key lets you know what portion of the Grammar segment you need to check out again in the event that you have any issues.

The test deals with practices where you utilize your own plans to assist you with actually taking a look at your work.

Test tips for each activity type in the test practice area.

Test deals with any consequences of all the composing assignments in the test practice segment. Peruse these after you have composed your own reply.

3. Recording Scripts

There are recording scripts for the Context tuning in every unit and for the Test work on listening undertakings.

Try not to take a gander at the content until after you have addressed the inquiries. It is a smart thought to pay attention to the recording again while you read the content.

4. The Entry test

You can do this test prior to utilizing the book to assist you with picking what to contemplate.

Answer the inquiries and actually take a look at your replies in the Key (toward the finish of this book) after that. The Key lets you know which units are generally significant for you.






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