[Updated] Cambridge IELTS Academic Book 16 With Answers and Audio

IELTS Academic book 16 with Answers and Audio Files free of Cost

The best IELTS academic book series – Cambridge IELTS Academic Book 16 has been launched officially, and we have uploaded it to our website. Here you can Get IELTS Academic book 16 with answers and audio files.

I think you are looking for a book that contains the latest content of Cambridge and contains Audio files with answers, but you could not find it, Right?

Well, no worries, in this article I am going to present to you the IELTS academic book 16 which will contain all these materials.

Introduction to IELTS Academic Book 16

To help campaigners with having the smooth receptiveness to get ready for the IELTS test, the eminent dispersion of English books – Cambridge has shipped off the Cambridge IELTS 16 series. With a report on changes and content openings. Introductory test through test questions, this book series is one of the most expected IELTS remedies frills in 2021 – 2022

What does IELTS Academic Book 16 Contain?

The book furnishes students with 4 complete tests with 4 abilities of Speaking, Listening, Writing, Reading with Audio documents with point-by-point responses to each question. This will help you to self-survey the speed of the test and how much information you have adapted without any problem. Each test is planned by the creator as per the most recent subject pattern in 2020-2021. That is the reason, assuming you don’t be aware of the IELTS Cambridge book series or don’t have any books to audit, it’s a waste!

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Like past books, Cambridge IELTS 16 holds a similar test structure. Be that as it may, the themes have been added and extended by the writer, so the substance of this most recent release is viewed as more different from the past book series.

Elements of Cambridge IELTS Books

All books consist of these sections: Listening, Speaking, Reading, and Writing.

The books we provide is also having audio files in which all the details with hints are given by IELTS STAFF.

All the Cambridge IELTS books are available free in PDF form with an audio part, So pick your desired book before your IELTS test dates and Also be aware of the IELTS registration date.



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2. The best method for learning Cambridge IELTS 16 for Newcomers

A. Listening part

A few kinds of inquiries frequently show up in the listening test like Form Completion (ordinarily showing up in Section 1), Sentence Completion, Short Answer Questions, labeling a Map/Diagram (Usually in segments 2, 3), Multiple Choice Questions (Common in segments 2 and 3). In area 3), Table Completion, Pick From a List, Matching Information.

With the listening test, you can allude to the accompanying learning strategies:

Stage 1: Before rehearsing, investigate how to do various kinds of Listening tests to try not to lose treacherous focuses!
Stage 2: Time and do the test like the genuine test, note that it ought to be done in calm spaces. You can utilize instruments to help, for example, the Pomodoro clock, …

Stage 3: You should just check your responses, not see Transcript, reconsider your results

Stage 4: Try to pay attention to the sentences you got off-base, then, at that point, audit the Transcript to see where the mistake is.

Notice the equivalents or rework of the inquiry that show up in the listening test. Frequently you miss these expressions, prompting some unacceptable response.

Stage 5: Take note of new sentence structure, great jargon, or notes during the test. Keep on utilizing support applications to practice trying not to commit errors in past tests
Listening tests are not exclusively to rehearse your listening capacity, you can totally utilize sound documents to rehearse IELTS Speaking. Attempt to rehash the peruses voice as intently as possible (Shadowing Method) and record it to see your improvement. In any case, this way is more reasonable for you to rehearse British English in light of the fact that the majority of the Audio is British. To rehearse American English intonation, you can allude to different sources like VOA, Fox News, CNN, and so on


B. IELTS Reading

A few sorts of inquiries frequently show up in the Reading test, for example, Multiple decision questions, Information recognizable proof inquiries, Information coordinating, Head Matching. Theme), Sentence consummation, Summary fruition, Features coordinating, and so on For IELTS Reading tests, you can allude to the accompanying learning techniques:

Stage 1: Master every one of the tips and deceives for each kind of IELTS Reading to try not to lose your notoriety score.
Stage 2: Press the clock to do the genuine test time. Make sure to work in a calm space.
Stage 3: Score, note the expressions you regularly experience in IELTS questions. Really focus on equivalents


Stage 4: Take note of new language structure, great jargon, or notes during the test. Keep on utilizing support applications to practice trying not to commit errors in past tests
One of the slip-ups of many up-and-comers is the outlandish distribution of time, prompting not to finish the test. To conquer this, other than knowing how to do the right kinds of cards and separating the time, you likewise need to speed up. You can rehearse English perusing appreciation through bilingual articles, bilingual film applications, and so forth

C. IELTS Speaking

The IELTS Speaking test comprises 3 sections, Section 1: getting some information about name, age, ethnicity, ID… Section 2: getting some information about yourself, family, present place of employment, and Section 3: asking about side interests, these inquiries are chosen from test questions, for example, do you appreciate voyaging and why/what difference would it make?

With the Speaking test, make sure to record your discourse to change your voice however you would prefer. Working on talking before a mirror when working on Speaking is additionally awesome.

It’s smarter to have an accomplice to rehearse with. Having a decent accomplice gives you ideas, yet in addition, genuinely mirrors your present level. What’s more, having somebody to pick up Speaking will assist you with feeling less exhausted


D. IELTS Writing

Composing is an expertise that numerous IELTS students are battling with. To compose well, you really want assurance and constancy. Working on composing a ton doesn’t really bring great outcomes, you should focus harder on the nature of each article.

What’s more, particularly, you really want to observe somebody who can address your cards and show you your slip-ups

F Cambridge IELTS 16 Academic Student’s Book with Answers with Audio



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