The Best IELTS books for Bands 9 in 2023 – PDFs

The best IELTS books for preparation in 2023

well, there are lots of books for IELTS preparation that will help you get your desired bands too, but it will be a difficult way to study, here I have suggested IELTS BOOKS that will surely get you to 8 plus bands.

(DON’T WORRY, I will link each book mentioned below!)

The assessment you need the Most

Before following any books, I will recommend you assess yourself. The books I am going to recommend are based on my assessment that was done by my teacher of the verbal hub from where I took coaching for my IELTS preparation.

After the assessment, the verbal hub shared a list of books to follow one by one according to the progress of my preparation.

In case you are very weak in English

If you are very weak in the English language, you should first follow these three books to build your language foundation.

1. Essential Cambridge English Grammar:

The best part of this book is you will get to the practice of each topic in three to four parts that will exercise 1, exercise 1.2, and exercise 1.3.

The book has 120 chapters, but you don’t read all chapters. In the verbal hub, the teacher had given me the list of units to read and do exercises.


2. Cambridge Vocabulary in Use Basic and elementary:

This book is very productive. I thank the teacher of verbal hub for this book. The book has exercises that are positive to tell you how to use them.

CLICK HERE for the book

3. Champak:

This is an English storybook that has simple stories. It will boost your reading habit.


Now, remember: If your IELTS score is below, follow the above-mentioned books.

If your IELTS band is high from five bands, then study the books given below.

1. Intermediate Cambridge English Grammar:

The book is for the intermediate level. This book has the best  English Grammar. Again, you don’t need to read the whole book, instead follow certain topics.

When you go for the exercise, first read the description, then do an easy exercise. In the verbal hub, the teacher used to explain every line in detail, then we used to solve them.


2. Cambridge Vocabulary in Use, intermediate:

After going through this book, you will be able to write and speak 7 band vocabulary. This book has all types of vocabulary, phrases, idioms, and collocations that are used or tested in the IELTS exam.

You are strongly advised to read all the units and practice as much as possible.

2. Web articles and newspapers articles:

This book is recommended book if you are going for IELTS General, and it will surely help you in achieving your band.


After that, you need IELTS boosting study materials. Hence, you can start with:


Best IELTS Books in 2023

(1) IELTS Cambridge Test Series books:

These are real IELTS tests published by IELTS for you to use at home. Each book contains four IELTS tests. They are a bit expensive, but at least they are authentic. IELTS 16 by Cambridge Academic / General is the most recent one.

This book comes in two formats, IELTS 16 academic, and IELTS 16 general. You can start with Book 11.

If you think you require more practice, you can start with book 9 or book 10.

(2) Collins Grammar for IELTS by Fiona Aish and Jo Tomlinson:

It is also a known grammar book for advanced learning, however, don’t read whole books instead certain topics are needed for reading writing, and speaking.


(3) Cambridge Grammar book for IELTS with answers By Diana Hopkins (2007):

This book is not much different from the above-mentioned book, but the language is quite easy; the explanations are in points, so it becomes easy to go through.


You can follow either

(4) Cambridge Vocabulary for IELTS Advanced bands By Pauline Cullen (2012):

If you find that you are still struggling with vocabulary, this book is for you. You can pick certain topics in which you lack command and start practicing.

BOOK here

(5) Improve your IELTS writing By Norman Whitby (2007):

Although writing is all about assessment and guidance, you can get all the art of writing from here. It has different formats that will help you form sentences and paragraphs. It will train for better practice of writing.

The book I have mentioned are sufficient for practice, however, writing and speaking are the concerning areas that require IELTS coaching.

I would recommend joining any coaching for these two assessments. These two areas cannot be developed with self-practice. It requires mentor guidance.



Some tips to speak English fluently and confidently

Listen to more English every day

– Watch English movies with subtitles

– Speak spontaneously but slowly

– Relax and have a positive attitude

– Learn and study phrases, not words

– Slow and deep learning is the best.

– Use real English lessons and materials

– Don’t study too much grammar

– Not to be afraid of making mistakes

– Don’t compare your English with others

Some Other best IELTS Books That will help you Get 8 plus Bands in IELTS Test

1. Target Band 7

By Simone, Braverman (2008)

2. Cambridge Grammar book for IELTS with answers

By Diana Hopkins (2007)

3. Ace the IELTS By Simone Braverman (2015)

4. Cambridge’s vocabulary for IELTS Advanced bands By Pauline Cullen (2012)

5. IELTS super pack

By Lin Lougheed (2016)

6. Improve your IELTS writing By Norman Whitby (2007)

7. IELTS reading test by Sam Mc Carter (2001)

These are some best books that will help you through your IELTS preparation journey.

To sum up, pick, plan, and proceed. You will achieve your goal.

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