Bala Hatun: A Warrior, Mother, A Heroine of the Ottoman Empire

How Bala Hatun Became a Symbol of Courage and Leadership in Ottoman History

Bala Hatun: A Warrior, Mother, and Icon of Women’s Empowerment

Who was Bala hatun? Don’t you know? Ohh! If you are a Turkish tv series lover, especially of Kurulus Osman and Islamic Turkish Series, and you don’t know about Bala hatun, then it will be shocking news.

However, if you don’t know about Bala hatun, her bravery, and courage, her responsibilities, and her part in making the ottomans empire, then we are here to tell you about everything that belongs to her.

Her biography is full of the best actions, it’s the symbol of bravery, women empowerment, and leadership, and shortly I will say that every good word can judge Bala hatun.


Bala hatun was born in the 13th century in Anatolia in Turkey, and her father was sheikh Edabali. She was a  noble mother of the Ottoman Empire. She was famous for her archery. A wisdom-carrying girl.

She was the mother of two sons and the Ottoman Empire, she has shown her bravery as no other woman has shown.

When Bala Hatun Married and to Whom?

Bala hatun was married to the founder of the Ottoman Empire and the first sultan of Ottomans, Sultan Usman Ghazi. She was the daughter of The beloved religious scholar Sheikh Edabali.

She married to Osman Ghazi in 1289 and had two children with Osman Bey. One of his sons was Orhan Ghazi, the strongest sultan in the Era of struggle.

From Kayi Tribe to Ottoman Empire: Bala Hatun’s Role in Turkish History

As she was a tribe woman and lived most of her life in the Kayi tribe but due to her rule in making the sultanate and defeating all the strategies of enemies, she, at last, found the empire with Osman Ghazi.

After her hard work and her intelligence, bravery, and courage she, at last, found the empire and was living in Mahals then.

Bravery and Leadership: The Warrior Spirit of Bala Hatun

She was known for her bravery and leadership. She was the most active woman in her era and had the spirit of finding something new.

And as a lone warrior and her bravery got her name. She was the best archer in history. As it is known that she killed a Mongol commander just in one shot.

Bala Hatun in Popular Culture: Her Depiction in TV Shows and Movies

Bala hatun was a cultural girl who played a great role in keeping Turkish culture alive, she never lazy down her tribe’s women, and they were trying to make rugs to sell them.

And due to her smart work, Kayi Tribe was famous all around the world. The Turks tribe was trying hard to leave the Kayi tribe back to making beautiful Rugs, but failed.

That was All About her, Now coming towards the Actress who played a great role in representing Bala hatun in The most awaited Tv series, Kurulus Osman.

Ozge Torer ( Bala Hatun in Kurulus Osman)

let’s have some introduction about Ozge torer.

Ozge torer is an actress who played a beautiful character in Kurulus Osman all season and is still playing the role. She is as beautiful as her acting is and plays the role of the wife of Osman Ghazi who had two children from Osman.

Ozge Torer Early Life

Ozge torer is born in Istanbul, Turkey in August 1998. She was acting as well as getting an education, After her graduation, he was all set for acting in kurulus Osman as a wife of Osman.

Ozge is a beautiful actress and soft-hearted, Her religion is Islam, and helping other people at all expenses.

She is awarded twice with the best actor award for playing the role of Rabia Bala hatun. She is only 24 years old and got famous at an early age.

Ozge torer was not having any social account until she made her Instagram account last year and got 1.4M followers in a very short time.

Her Instagram Account 


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