AlpArslan Episode 50 Review With English and Urdu

Alparslan Buyuk Selcuklu Episode 50 (Season 2, Episode 22) review

In Arsalan Episode 119, Suleiman is forced to issue a warning to kutalmash bey to leave the palace, but Kutalmash bey doesn’t agree. We will see what will happen in Alparslan Episode 50.

Kutalmash bey does not believe the suspect at all, but finally, Sulaiman’s warnings pull them back.

In Alparslan Buyuk Selcuklu Episode 49, when seferiya hatun gets knocked out by nonbelievers, then her mother pulls her to the palace for the doctors, because it was the nearest place.

When Alparslan knows, he got angry and goes after them just to save them from Suleiman. All his soldiers followed him quickly, despite saying that they should not follow him.

After some time her mother comes out from the palace and sees Alparslan and says that she is ok, when she gets backs to normal, we will come out from the palace safe.

Suleiman Giving Gence City to Leon

As Suleiman got agreed to an agreement that he will give Gence city to Leon for the peace of the two states. When Alparslan heard about it, he got angry and make a plane to defend the gence city against Leon.

Leaving of Seferiya Hatun and Mother Akne

When Seferiya Hatun regains consciousness, she is very sad and tells her mother that she will not stop here, so she makes arrangements to leave the palace hidden, but Suleiman catches them, but Sulaiman’s mother and the seferiya arranges to leave.

When she leaves the palace, a soldier of Alp Arslan escorts her back to Vaspurkan. while reaching vaspurkan seferiya hatun bleeds so much but after reaching there the doctors look after her.

She is very sad because she lost her child who is not even born yet, but alparslan make her calm and says that it is from Allah.

Agreement Between Kutalmash bey And AlpArslan

As alparslan and kutalmash bey are against each other to defend the Muslim city against the nonbelievers, they stick to an agreement that both of them will help each other to defend the city of gence.

Alparslan makes a plane that how we will defend against the attack of Leon on gence city and tells it to kutlamash bey.

Kutalmash bey and Alparslan soldiers go on different sides to attack Leon after he sees the soldiers and gets shocks after seeing alparslan.

Alparslan Defeating Kant Leon

When alparslan soldiers and Leon soldiers attacked themselves the Byzantines were defeated by Seljuks, the Byzantines were more in number but due to the trick of alparslan they were defeated.

Kant Leon decided to go back from the battle area but going back Malik ttttt stopped him on the way, and he was killed by Leon. Rest in Peace!

How to watch Turkish Tv series?

There are a lot of websites where you can watch all Turkish tv series, but the best among them is Ardirilis ertugrul.net for English tv series.

Givemeseries.com, makkitv.com, and vidtower for urdu subtitles, where you will find all the Turkish tv series in urdu subtitles when it is released in Turkey.


How To Watch Alparslan episode 50

You can watch Alparslan episode 50 with Urdu and English subtitles here just by clicking the Player below, it will take you to another website where you will be able to watch the episode in FHD.

The best thing to watch the episode is, they upload the episode quickly after being released in turkey within no time.

The episode is released every next morning all over the world when it is released in Turkey. And just after release, it is translated into English and Urdu in Pakistan and India.

These websites then upload them to their websites, where you can watch them in FHD free of Cost.

Watch Alparslan Episode 50 In English and Urdu Subtitles

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