8 Best Islamic and Historical Turkish Series to Watch – 2023

Islamic and Historical Series

An Alaikum I hope everyone is okay, Today we will talk about the best Islamic and historical Turkish series. The series I will talk about is all related to Islam and its glory and how the Turkish sultans or people belong to it.

There are so many Tv dramas, you will be watching right now, and I am 80 percent sure many of them will be love dramas in which there will be no story of bringing the future for people to do something but all of them would be related to spreading hate between families and friends.

In fact, they are teaching you, how to love a woman and then leave her without marrying. But what? If I tell you about the tv series which will be about love, history, and Islam.

The Best Turkish Historical and Islamic Series are Following

08. Mehmetic Kutul ul Ammari Or Kutul Zafar

Mehmet Kutul ul Ammari is about the era when the Turkish sultanate was falling. The Ottoman era was falling, and the turkey was on the bench, slipping into the river.

The Turkish hidden organization however managed to defend some cities and repel non-Muslims to their boundaries.

This Tv series is all about the young commanders who give their lives to defend their country and was the era 1916 to 1922.

Do watch it here or many websites have uploaded it in multiple translations like osmanonline, ardirilis for English and historic series, giveme5, givemeseries, and Vidtower for Urdu subtitles.

07. Mendirman Jalaluddin

Bozkır Arslanı Celaleddin or Mendirman Jalaluddin is the Uzbek – Turkish joint Tv series based on the life of Jalaluddin mengubardi the last king or ruler of the Khwarzam shah Empire.

In This Historical and Islamic Tv series, you will watch how Jalaluddin repelled the Mongols and how he faced the army of Genghis Khan, there is much more about the history of the Khwarzam shah Empire.

After watching it, you will definitely pray for me for showing you this beautiful series ever, and you will urge watching it, again and again, that’s how it is written.

06. Yunus Emre

Also known as Yunus The dervish, Yunus Emre was a great dervish and poet of Turkey around the 13th and 14th centuries who influenced the people of Turkey through his poetry and Sufism.

In this historical tv series, you will be able to watch how Turkish poets influenced the people of Turkey through Sufism and poetry.

05. Payitaht: Sultan Abdulhamid

This Tv series is all about the era of Sultan Abdul Hamid who was the 34th sultan of the ottomans, and the events that happened in the era of sultan Abdul Hamid including the war called The Greek war in which the ottomans succeeded.

Also, you will be able to watch how sultan Abdul Hamid projected the railway station to Saudi where the people of turkey will go for umrah and Hajj known as the Hijaz railway station.

Also, Sultan Abdul Hamid worked on telegraphs for better communication and developed industries in his Era of Sultanate.

04. Uyanış: Büyük Selçuklu – The Great Seljuks

Now, here comes the number 4th best Turkish historical and Islamic series, the great Seljuks, the most awaited and the most watched, the thriller and full of actions and thrills.

My favorite Turkish tv series after ertugrul, The story of Uyanış: Büyük Selçuklu belongs to The Era of Seljuks and the story of sultan Malik shah and his sons, most of his son Malik senjer.

In this tv drama, you will be able to watch the life of Sultan Malik Shah, Malik tappar, and Malik Senjer that how they help in bringing up the Seljuks sultanate without knowing each other.

03. Kurlus Osman

The Best Among All from 2019 Onwards  –The Kurlus Osman. The Only Tv series which has been watched too much on the internet that no other Tv series has broken its record.

Simply called The establishment, and the making of the Ottoman sultanate, This Tv series is based on the first-ever sultan of ottomans, Osman-I- The King of All.

In This tv series, you will watch the life of kurlus Osman and how they lived their life in agony, How they sacrificed their everything just for one thing and that was the Turkish own homeland, full of peace and based on Islam.

Kurlus Osman’s life is shown in this series and shown how the Mongols, Byzantine, and even his own people turned against him, but he has only one mission and that was to make his own kingdom.

02. Alp Arslan Uyanış: Büyük Selçuklu

Best one after kurlus Osman in this era, and even I rated its episodes 9/10 in some cases because in this tv show, the producer did not give it a chance to flop the episode.

Every single episode of Alp Arslan is a thriller, full of actions, dialogues, and music buff. The characters chosen by the producer are speechless, their acting skills are better than kurlus Osman’s actors.

Alp Arslan was the brave son of a brave father, Chagri bey, and he was the nephew of the first sultan of the Seljuk empire. Alp Arslan was the second sultan of the Seljuk empire.

And Sultan Malik shah was the son of Alparslan.

01. Dirilis Ertugrul

Now the one with the most fans all over the world, The only Tv series about turkey which is watched more than ever all over the world.

The only tv series which is translated into more than 50 languages, and also the most earned Tv series for Turkey.

It was started in 2014 and boomed in 2018 when its last season was aired, first, it was released in Pakistan in its national language, also it was the most-watched tv series in Pakistan.

The first ever Tv series of Turkish Islamic series I have ever watched, and it compelled me to be in love with the Turkish series. It was the only Tv series that broke records in his own country, even in Pakistan and all around the world.

FINAL WORD About Islamic and historical Turkish series

These were some of the best Historical and Islamic Turkish Tv series, I do not rate these Turkish tv series on the bases of most rated or most watched, but I have watched them myself.

I, and all over the world, know about it how great these tv series are, what other tv series have you liked the most? Let me know in the comments.

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