7 Scholarships in Canada (FULLY FUNDED ) For International Students

7 Scholarships In Canada for 2022 – 2023 You Must Apply for

Are you looking for scholarships in Canada? Yes, this is the article which you are looking for.

More students want to get to Canada to study, But the majority of international students are looking for scholarships in Canada to offset the cost of their education.

And so I am going to be provided information on scholarships today in this article I went to gain, and I found out that there are some scholarships that are worth lots of money.

The Best Scholarships in Canada for You

For that, I taught kids collage sheets, that the body is as high as $100,000, $120,000. And I don’t think I have talked about these scholarships in my Articles.

Talked about other scholarships before, but I don’t think I’ve specifically talked about these scholarships because I didn’t even know the scholarships even existed.

But now that I know, I’ve decided to bring this information to you and so that’s what we’re going to be covering today.

What are these scholarships in Canada for?

I have a list of seven scholarships that I haven’t yet covered in my previous scholarships articles that I think you should know.

And these scholarships are for undergraduates. In master’s or Ph.D. programs, I’will specifies, which scholarship has been for which so, which one is for little graduates, which one is for masters, which one is meant for Ph.D.

These scholarships are specifically for international students outside of Canada.

APPLICATION FOR 2022 and 2023

So some of these scholarships, the application cycle for this year, the September 2022 intake, is currently closed. However, it’s worth looking into, because if you’re interested in coming to study in Canada next year, which is by September 2023, then you definitely need to know about these scholarships, and you should be at them in mind.

When you’re applying for admission to any one of these schools because you definitely need to apply for admission before you can apply for these scholarships.

scholarships in Canada for international students

For most of these scholarships in Canada, the requirements for the scholarships are very long. 

So I couldn’t in any way at all read off each and every fundamental since it’s essentially going to make this article long, and I’m attempting to keep it as short and speedy as could really be expected.

I truly need to keep your guardians in the center. So I will put communicates with each piece of data about the honor furthermore.

Schools are associated with this grant in light of the fact that these honors are presented by schools and not grant bodies.

So I’m going to, in information to the schools and also direct scholarship links Here. Definitely go check it out.

just in case you don’t hear me say that. It’s specific for an engineering degree or specific for an arts degree or in case you’re wondering.

Please just know that the scholarships are open to any discipline in the school, and are not specific to any type of program

Go ahead and apply for admission and apply for a scholarship. Right?.

how to get scholarships in Canada

These scholarships are in no particular order. 

7 Scholarships in Canada for international students

1. My Bain scholarship

The first scholarship on this list that you should know about is my call, my Bain scholarship. This scholarship is offered by McGill University in Quebec.

This is one of the best universities out there in Canada. It is one of the top two universities in Canada.

The scholarship is actually meant for a master’s degree or is the second entry into the graduate program.

Any discipline any faculty at McGill university scholarship covers you plus a $2,000 living stipend per month.

Application Deadline

The application for next year, September 2023 will open in June 2022 deadline for international students to apply. The graduate scholarship is from August 25th.


Some requirements for this scholarship include exceptional character, community engagements, which are very similar to volunteering leadership, and academic grades.


Most important is that you should apply for at least one subject in order to get admission at McGill university by this deadline in order to apply for the scholarship.

You have to be applying. September 2023 for a graduate program in order to apply for this scholarship.

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– Scholarship application –

– Scholarship value –…

– McGill University site –

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2. Simon Fraser University

The second one is Simon Fraser University on the graduate and transfer scholarship.

This grant is presented by Simon Fraser University, which is in British Columbia, worth of this grant is $120,000 relying upon the program.

Living remittance, Another thing to note is that this grant is really implied for a college degree in any personnel.

So it doesn’t matter what program, degree, or cost you’re applying for.

It covers all faculties at Simon Fraser University, international students are also welcome to apply. The next application cycle for this scholarship is. Somewhere in October 2022.

You need to apply for admission in undergraduate degree against next year and usually an application for September 2023.

Intake usually opens somewhere around September or October. So you need to be applying for admission later this year. And you have to look out for this scholarship and also apply later this year when it opens.


– Scholarship page –…

– Simon Fraser University site –

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3. UDaB exemption scholarship for international students

The next scholarship on my list is the UDaB exemption scholarship for international students.

This scholarship is offered by the University of Montreal in Montreal, Quebec in Canada.

The value of the scholarship depends on it because it covers the graduate masters and Ph.D. programs.

so EDI, forthcoming global understudies hoping to apply at the University of Montreal. The grant is $24,000 each year for expert understudies.

The body of the grant is $27,000 each year and for Ph.D., the worth of the grant is $25,000 each year.

This scholarship is strictly for international students that are applying for undergraduate degrees master’s degrees or Ph.D. degrees at the University of Montreal.

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– Scholarship page –…

– UDeM scholarship deadline –…

– University of Montreal site –



4. International mid-job and trans scholarship

The next scholarship on my list is the international mid-job and trans scholarship.

This scholarship is offered by the University of British Columbia in the province of British Columbia in Canada.

Its value is $25,000 or less per year under this scholarship.

There are four awards that are meant for undergraduate programs, but you cannot choose which awards you will apply to.

The University of British Columbia will automatically consider you for any one of the four hours.


– Scholarship page + deadline –…

– Uni of British Columbia site –




5. The citizens of the world excellence scholarship

The next scholarship on my list is the citizens of the world excellence scholarship.

This scholarship is offered by Laval University in Quebec. The body of this scholarship covers graduate master’s and Ph.D. programs, every year.


So the final undergraduate program, the value of the scholarship is between 10,000 to 15,000 Canadian dollars.


The value of scholarship is worth $20,000 every year.


And for a Ph.D. program, the value of the scholarship is about $30,000 every year.


One thing I do have to say about Laval university is that in university is located in the French-speaking part of Canada, Quebec.

And it was a little challenging browsing the school’s website because it’s mostly in French.

In that lattice, there was data on the prerequisites for the grant, yet it was in French.

And I couldn’t find anywhere to change the language of instruction to English on the websites and others to understand it better.

however, If you’re fluent in French, it’s still a scholarship that is worth considering in any way. You just have to be fluent in French. That’s just it.


– Scholarship page –…

– Scholarship Requirements (in French) –…

– Laval University site (in English) –

scholarships in Canada

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6. The president’s international distinction scholarship

Then that scholarship on my list is the president’s international distinction scholarship.

This scholarship is offered by the university of our university of Alberta. The value is $120,000 for an undergraduate degree.

The next application cycle opened later in the year when the next admission window opens.

So typically, a university of Alberta admission window usually opens somewhere around September after two bombs.


 – Scholarship page – CLICK HERE

– Uni of Alberta site – CLICK HERE

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7. The Western scholarship of excellence

Finally, the last scholarship on my list is the Western scholarship of excellence.

This scholarship is offered by the Western University in Ontario. It was a thousand dollars.

This is for an undergraduate degree. And it’s strictly for international students.

This scholarship is a merit-based scholarship, Apply soon as possible.

scholarships in Canada


– Scholarship page – LINK

– Western University site – LINK

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Right folks. So these are the grants that I as of late found, and these are grants that merit looking at. Remembering it that these grants exist.

So on the off chance that you’re hoping to go to Canada at some point one year from now to begin school, the application cycles normally open in the not-so-distant future.

So it helps you. You can see the grants interfaces that are after the detail and underneath the Article.

On the off chance that you need more data on these grants, if it’s not too much trouble, Subscribe notice board to get advice day today.

I genuinely want to believe that you like this article and in the event that it is this way, if it’s not too much trouble, support us we will truly assist you with getting to your beneficial objective

So this was about the best grants in Canada, we will bring grants from overall around the world whether it is regardless of IELTS

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