3 Relevant IELTS Speaking Tips and Tricks for 9 Bands 2023

How to Get 9 bands in IELTS Speaking with these methods?


As far as IELTS speaking is concerned, in 11 minutes, you can get seven to eight bands for 11 minutes only. Yeah. And if the Examiner is in a hurry, then it can be nine minutes.

One of my Indian students appeared in her IELTS test, and as she was speaking, she said, sir Examiner was looking in a hurry that she wanted to get rid of me. And she, it sounded like Examiner wants to go somewhere. And I said, don’t be complaining. It’s winter.

So it could be something like that. Why blame? We blame the examiners all the time. It can be anything like that, but they give you the band score according to your speaking. It doesn’t mean that they will not give you good, or bad scores. Okay, now listen, the first thing in IELTS speaking, is that you should know how to speak English.


There is no escape. Many students just say, sir, I’m very good at cramming. You give me 200 questions and 200 answers, I will cram them, but I cannot speak. Now, just imagine the amount of energy that that student is going to use, cramming 200 questions with answers. So why shouldn’t you practice? And by the way, IELTS examiners are very, very clever.

If you give a crammed answer. They immediately get to know this is to cram answers. So they have to mark criteria in writing as well as in speaking that this is the cram dancer. So the cram answer will also be like, get out. No, no, mark for that. Okay. So be very, very careful.

Let’s talk about IELTS speaking part one today.

First, I’ll give you some tips if you just follow them. I mean, it’s just like a method, how you make tea, how you make tea, first. No, not water, I give 30 rupees and the guy makes tea. I don’t need to. Alright. This is one response. How do you make tea? I pay 10 rupees and I get a cup of tea and all that.

Right? So you started your tea with water. Come on, chichis. Not going to be a banana. As many guests.  What? As much water.  So the way you make tea and if you make tea again and again, ladies know that every time the method is the same. So if you follow this method of answering the questions, most definitely you will not be in trouble.


And part one is a very friendly, uh, chit-chat with the examiner only tea, coffee is not there. Otherwise, part one is just like, you know what I mean? You’re just chatting with someone and all that and don’t overestimate the things, and you say, this is my mobile number. Yeah, you can call me anytime I have a package.

Also, you know, package. Yeah. So anyway, listen, uh, in part the Examiner asks you a question. That question is never going to be anything that you say, I don’t know anything about. Number one. Number two, if there is a question that you don’t know anything about, you must pretend. If you don’t have a dog, and they ask you about your pet, you have a dog and say, no, no, I don’t have you have a dog.

Do you understand? So whatever they ask you, you can exaggerate the. . They will not come to your house and search for Dog

. They’ll never do that. They will never come to your house to see that you are lying about things and all that. But don’t be unrealistic. Right. Where would you like to spend your holidays? I’m planning to go to Mars, Madam.

My uncle went to Mars last time and it was good. My aunt went to the moon, and she didn’t like it, so I will go to Mars. This. Unrealistic answer. So please, for God’s sake, the answer should be realistic, but you can always exaggerate your answer.

2. Exaggerating Your Answer

Exaggerating your answer means, if I say, what did you eat for dinner? And you say, rice, no exaggeration. What did you eat for dinner, Finn? Last night, actually, we cooked a very special dish for the dinner, and that is a traditional dish. It is made out of rice, and I really enjoyed that with my family members. We ate a lot, what do we call it? Exaggerated answer. Okay. Again, based on reality.

So you must exaggerate, but remember, do not give a long answer in part. The examiner will immediately interrupt you if you give a long answer. Most of the long answers given by the students are crammed answers, right? When you give a long answer, for example, ah, this is the cram, right? So just give a short answer to the point and all that.

Another thing, uh, there are three steps to answer the question. Step number 1. Answer the question directly. Keep in your mind in part one. Please never give an indirect answer. What did you eat for dinner last night? Dinner is the most important meal of the day. We earn money to eat food, and dinner is the main food that we enjoy eating with our family members.

I ate chicken last night. Do you understand? If you give an irrelevant answer, they will immediately ask you the next question. The examiner will not wait for you when the answer is irrelevant. They will not ask you why or anything. They will ask you the next question, and you say, why she didn’t listen to me? Okay, so you should be careful.


Answers should be relevant from the very first sentence. Now there are three steps to answer the questions in. Is speaking part one, step one, answer the question. How to change the examiner’s question from interrogative to positive using different words. Like the question is, what’s your favorite city? One answer is, my favorite city is Lahore.

Okay. Plan for five bands. If you say, for example, the question is, what’s your favorite city? I love Lahore City very much because I was born here, and this city has the rich cultural heritage of my country. Anything like that? Three, four sentences, five sentences to the point, direct answer, right? Say, what’s your favorite?

People usually like the city they live in, cities are very important and the population of the world is now migrating to the city. Never. I mean, all irrelevant answers. So just give and one more thing. When you have your speaking test, you must use your intonation. What is intonation? If the question is, what’s your favorite food?

I like pizza very much. They say, what’s your favorite food? I like pizza. I go with my friends to eat pizza. My favorite flavor is spicy pizza. Yeah, no intonation. I’m telling you, this happens. This really happens. So if you’re talking about something serious, uh, well, I would like to give you my view on that.


Now you’re serious. If there is something hilarious, your tone should be like that. Okay? It doesn’t mean you do comedy. Never take the risk of saying, uh, the Examiner was laughing, or the examiner was smiling at you. This is not your job to make the examiner smile. Don’t do anything. It’s not that if the examiner smiles, one band of extra will be given, okay?

So I mean, don’t make it funny talk, just serious talk and you should answer. So step one is to answer the question directly. Step two is to elaborate on your answer.

What’s your favorite food? I love pizza. Now, why do you love pizza? What sort of pizza do you like? Okay, so you can answer that very question, right? For example, what’s your favorite food?

Number one, answer the question directly. I love pizza and usually once a week I go out with my Friends to eat Italian pizza.

There’s a very nice Italian pizza shop near my house where I often go and enjoy my favorite flavor. That’s it. See that.

Okay, so then you think they don’t give band, they do give band if you answer accordingly.

So step one, answer the question directly. Step two, elaborate. Now, when you elaborate, it should be sponsored to the point according to the topic. And step three concludes with you. Therefore, I like pizza very much, right?

What’s your favorite city? First step? Second step. For all these reasons, I really like Lahore. Conclude your answer. So in part one, whatever the question is, always remember this three-sentence formula and you can answer the questions.

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