3 Quick Methods for the IELTS Speaking Test 1-Minute Preparation

Use these 3 Quick Methods for the IELTS Speaking Test


Let’s imagine it’s the test date, and you’re doing the IELTS speaking test. It’s part two. The examiner hands you the task card, and you have one minute to prepare. What do you do?

If you’ve ever taken the IELTS test before, you’ll know that when you receive that task card on test A from the examiner, and the examiner says, you have one minute to take some notes, that time goes extremely quickly.

Let’s take a look at one of these task cards. So imagine the examiner hands you this particular task card and says, you have one minute to take some notes.

What are you going to write? Are you going to write full sentences? Or gonna scribble down a paragraph? Are you going to draw a smiley face? You need to think this through before test day, so you can maximize your speaking score. Because if you get the preparation right, it’s going to give you a good foundation for your two minutes.


Each time I’ve taken this test, it’s been a very intense experience and I can’t think very clearly, and time absolutely flies, and therefore I can’t write down much at all. In fact, each time I’ve done it, I’ve kind of been stumped by the task card and spend about 20 seconds actually just thinking of something.

For example, let’s say the task card says, uh, talk about a gift you’ve recently received. I have to actually sort of go through my memory. Gift. Okay. What was the last gift I received? What was the last gift? And for me personally, I sort of get stuck on the first gift that I can remember. So I’m just going to write down that one gift.

Methods for better Test

Method 1 for IELTS speaking Test

Let’s take a look at Method One, though because it talks about how to do this well. So Method one is to read the card and describe a website you have recently used. You should say what the website is, what you use the website for, how often you use the website, and explain what you like and dislike about the website.

Method 2

Step two of the method is to write down two websites. So this one’s pretty easy. Everyone can come up with a website pretty quickly. I’m going to write down Google. Then what I’m going to do is, I’m actually going to think of a second website because one of the problems that candidates face is they’ll talk about a website for two minutes, and they really simply run out of ideas, and when they run out of ideas at about the 92nd mark, They run out of language.

Okay, so I’m going to write down a second website, like, I don’t know, Facebook, something like that, or Magic Seaweed, which is my favorite surfing website that checks the weather and the waves. That would be a good one, and that would extend my language after I have written down the two websites and simply written Google, Facebook, something like that, or Magic, seaweed, I would then number three, and read the card again.

And number four, take a deep breath. So I haven’t written much at all because in one minute, firstly, I need to think of these two websites or these two gifts, or these two books that I’ve read or something like that. That’s going to take 20 seconds. Then actually reading the cards, going to take time. Writing down the two words is going to take time, and taking a deep breath, which is essential, is also going to take time.

Method 3 for better IELTS speaking test

Let’s take a look at another method to this. . So the same task card here. Describe a website you have recently used. So you read the card, you write down a single website, then you spend a bit of time thinking about change, past, present, and future. Let’s say that website is Google. Think about Google in the past when you first used it, think about Google now, and think about how Google might work for search, for example, in the.

Then you read the card again. Take a deep breath and away you. So the reason we want to think about change and think about the past, the present, and the future of this website is that it’s going to extend our language a lot. We’re going to use lots of different verb tenses, lots of past tense verbs, present, simple, present, and perfect.

This will work perfectly for the speaking test

And then when I talk about the future, I’ll use modals and maybe the subjunctive and if statement, who knows? It’s going to get me a good score for grammar and if I can control my pronunciation and fluency. That will also work. So here’s a bit of an example. Okay, so I’m going to think about Google. In the past, maybe I can talk about the first time I used Google in high school I didn’t even know what it was for, and it kind of looked pretty clunky.

To be honest. I didn’t know what this website was, nor did I not even know what the internet was. And now, in present, I use Google a lot. I have it on my phone, I use it at work, and I use it. It is basically for everything. It is really my homepage, and I wonder what Google will be like in the future. It’s going to be incredible the way that we can search the internet in the future.

Possibly it’ll be able to read my mind. Who knows? Okay, now it’s your turn. I’m going to show you a task card, and I just want you to think to yourself about which method would work best for this particular task card. You do need to be flexible on test A, but having a couple of methods up your sleeve will be very helpful.

Which One is very helpful for you?

Ready? Take a look at this one. So you need to describe an advertisement you recently saw. How would you approach this particular task? You can tell me in the comments below what you’re going to do.

Method one, method two. Which one works for you? So for me personally with this one, I would probably talk about two advertisements, maybe one that I saw on television and one that I saw on the internet that would give me a good breadth of language to use.

Cool. Now, if you need help with your ielts, check this out because. You can talk to an E two expert in a one-on-one tutorial, and these come as part of the packages you buy on E two test prep, the link for which is in the description below. In these tutorials, you can meet with two expert teachers for 45 minutes.

Choose the time that suits you in the topic and skill you want to work on, and you’ll get lots and lots of feedback. And of course, you can do speaking mock tests. And also just before you. Don’t forget to take a deep breath just before you begin your speaking, part two. That will help a lot. My name is Jay.

Thanks very much. I’ll see you soon.

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